Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Top Ten Biggest Economies of the World

1 United States of America $14,624,180,000,000
   ($14.6 trillion)

2 China $10,084,370,000,000

3 Japan $4,308,630,000,000

4 India $4,001,100,000,000

5 Germany $2,932,040,000,000

6 Russia $2,218,760,000,000

7 Brazil $2,181,680,000,000

8 United Kingdom $2,181,070,000,000

9 France $2,146,280,000,000

10 Italy $1,771,140,000,000

As listed by PPP GDP, using 2010 GDP figures.

Ranking Country Approximate GDP- Purchasing Power Parity.

There are two methods of GDP calculation: nominal GDP attempts to compare countries using current exchange rates to give an assessment of their clout within the global market. This naturally biases countries with stronger currencies.

Purchasing Power Parity or PPP GDP, on the other hand, tries to take into account that one dollar can buy more in some countries and less in others. It is a better gauge of the internal size of each market

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